International Labour Day and Labour Day: The Day when all the people around the world   solutes and praises the work of these Labours and for their scarification of their lives for the betterment and comfort of many of the people of the world and make sure that a country stands firm. Labour, a back bone of any Country

Specialty of a International Labour Day

Labour can be found in every part of the world. It can be seen in every form of job or doing work. It could be a hard one or it could be a relaxed and highly flexible. Labour includes every single sort of person who is doing a job, whether he or she is making buildings, doing architectures or having a job in the well air conditioned offices. These Labours can be found anywhere on this planet earth doing a variety of tasks. They have such a large amount of community all around the world.

International Labour Day is the day when Labours all over the world celebrate or enjoy their movement, when all these Labours are been praised by the people.  Because, these Labours do the most tough work all over the world. Usually, this day comes at May 1 and normally Labours have a holiday on this particular day. It is officially celebrated at round about 80 countries but now a day, there are many countries in this section where they celebrate it or have a holiday at this day un-officially. Similarly, International Labour Day 2014 is coming on May 1st.

Labours as a Backbone of a nation

Labour has always been the backbone of any country. The making of structures, the making of new buildings, mining, transport and much other work is related to these Labours. Like in the Bees colony, Labour bees have the work to build and make the colony strong; similarly, the same theory is applied on the human Labours as well. They make a country or nation strong.

Happiness of International Labour Day

Labour’s day simply brings happiness or joy on the faces of many of those Labours who work day and night without giving any concern to their health, to their families. They work and they work to bring glory to their nation and also earn some money. This day simple show them how important they are in our lives. International Labour Day 2014 is the day when once again, they would be renowned all over the world and the whole world will solute them.
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